This fully functional, foldable house is called a MADi. No concrete foundation is necessary, all that is necessary is a patch of land with level ground, some friends/builders and 6-7 hours. Water, sanitary, electrical, AC/heat, connections for the kitchen, and drainage systems are all pre-installed. If you want to move, just fold it up again, ship it, and reassemble. 

The design is from Italian architect Renato Vidal. Models run between $32,800 (Single, 290 sq ft) and $72,650 (Triple, 900 sq ft)


MADi House Pre Fab Home

Ever dreamed of owning your own A-frame house? The quintessential ski town home! Well now you can for as little as $32,800 and it only takes 6 hours to build! Check out this video from MADi