TAKE A "ROMANTIC" GONDOLA RIDE TOGETHER.It's a weekday, shouldn't be too hard to slip into your own gondola car for a nice long ride to the summit. Most gondolas are spaced out pretty well and have tinted windows too.

GO CHECK OUT A NEW MOUNTAIN TOGETHER. Settling down with "the right one" means your days of variety have come to an end, or are at least on pause, but that doesn't mean you can't try new things on the slopes!  Exploring new places is always fun, and even more fun as a team. Most folks have a nearby resort or backcountry area that they've been meaning to explore. Go do it, together!

DINNER AND DRINKS, MOUNTAIN STYLE. Most women deserve to be wined and dined, especially on Valentines day. But if you're lucky enough to find one that will share a meal and drinks with you at the mountain bar or restaurant, then you've probably found a keeper. Turning your Valentine's dinner into an Apres Ski session?..  You're doing it right!

PICK THE LONGEST CHAIR, AND LAP IT.  Some of the most candid conversations happen on chairlift rides. Being surrounded by stunning scenery while doing something that exhilarates you tends to bring out the best in people.  Besides, the longest chairs usually lead to the longest runs, and who doesn't like to ski or snowboard down the mountain behind a beautiful woman.  ;)

GET OUT OF TOWN. Nothing relieves stress and brings couples closer together like a vacation, and seeing how it's the middle of Winter, what better place to go than the mountains! Is there anything more romantic than snuggling up next to a warm fire after an epic day on the slopes?

Valentine's Day on the slopes...

Love is in the air, or is that just altitude sickness?

Anyone reading this article undoubtedly loves the slopes, spending time in the mountains evokes feelings that are hard to match. Those fortunate enough to share that mountain love with their significant other definitely have a relationship worth cherishing.  Below we list ways that couples can observe this romantic holiday in the most special of places, the mountains!