SIlverstar's backside, affectionately known as "the dark side" or "the black side" contains an astonishing 43 black or double black named runs all funneling down to the high speed 4 person Powder Gulch Chair. Silverstar's backside runs offer an impressive 1,830ft of vertical and groomed run outs lead back to the chair from both sides.

Many of Silverstar's impressive backside runs are steep powder filled gullies and chutes, with not much forgiveness into the trees and are "one way in, one way out" type of trails! The terrain, while challenging, is soft in the fact that there are no cliff drops or rocky outcroppings. What you see is what you get and if you are skilled enough to ski or ride it, you will be adequately rewarded with the steepness and snow quality.

All photos taken at Silverstar Resort in Jan 2018 and are subject to copyright, Snow Life LLC.

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Most skiers and riders have heard of Canada's legendary "Powder Highway", essentially a big circle made up of 4 British Columbia Highways linking some of the most amazing ski resorts in the Great White North like Whitewater, Revelstoke, Kicking Horse, Red, Panorama and Kimberly. Well let us introduce you to the Black Sheep of the family, and it's name is SIlverstar!

A windy 20 minute drive up from the nearby town of Vernon, BC lies a funky and colorful village with some unassuming groomed runs, a couple of newer chairs, and a gondola that is under construction. But just wait... Silverstar is a tale of two resorts. If their is a Jekyll and Hyde of ski resorts, from front side to back, this is it!



The epic black and double black terrain at BC's SilverStar Resort

Silverstar's front side has some mellow glades, grooms, and a couple of short single diamonds, as well as some trails that wind down through the heart of the village. But if you came hunting steeps and don't mind a little hike, head down El Dorado trail until you reach the sign that says Alder Point. A quick hike down Silverstar's summit crosscountry trails and you'll find a quiet bench to sit on and enjoy the amazing view of the surrounding backside terrain, and a powder filled run all to yourself.

So the next time you're planning a trip up North to the Powder Highway, don't overlook this unique and friendly ski resort with a lot to offer... if you're willing to take a turn to "The Dark Side".