THE USER EXPERIENCE:  Very user friendly for basic operation.Turn the power on, set the gimbal and go. If you want to make a quick video, just mount your GoPro, hit the power button and hit the slopes! Additional features are available in the instructions booklet! The Gimbal also comes with a 5 stage selfie stick to get those great carving pics. Simple is the key term here, literally just power and go! The Rider M mini gimbal is easy to use and will save you tons of time on the back end. "If you're doing any kind of professional video work it's definitely worth the money just from the time it'll save you editing sub par footage." ~Snow Life Contributor Jake Galberth~ Why spend so much time on the computer cropping, zooming, and stabilizing when you can just cut and paste with amazingly smooth footage thanks to the Rider M!  

GoPro much? A lot of us do. Whether you're shredding the slopes, or biking, or just enjoying some outdoor scenery on a day hike, the GoPro camera is the perfect way to record your active lifestyle. Unfortunately being so active can sometimes result in some really shaky camera footage, and while you thought you captured the perfect day, no amount of editing can correct your jumpy video. In comes the mini gimbal stabilizer from Zhiyun-tech, a powered GoPro mount with the ability to transform your shaky footage into smooth and professional looking footage.  Now you can really "Go Pro"  and have amazing video with no distortion.

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Tech review provided by Snow Life contributors Jake Galberth and Dexter Asis at Mount Hood, Oregon. 

Pros:  Flawlessly smooth GoPro footage. With the Zhiyun mini gimbal, what you see is what you film.

Cons:  Cannot be used with waterproof case.  Incurs functionality issues when exposed to extreme cold temps.

Advise: Make sure your order the correct mounting hardware that matches your model of GoPro, many options are available.‚Äč

Product Rating:  4 out of 5 stars, provides much improved stabilization while filming as advertised, however the price may be restrictive for some buyers.

Check out the Snow Life before and after footage above.  The Snow Life crew took some mountain footage without the Gimbal in use, then installed it and filmed again, showing a dramatic difference in film quality.


Zhiyun-tech Mini Gimbal

stabilize your Go-Pro footage!